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One of Your Marketing Team Members

By Alan Michael | Sales Growth for Home Remodelers

There is probably one (or more) of your marketing team members that you are questioning whether you should keep them or not. It’s causing you stress to keep them, but the thought of letting them go is even more stressful because you know you need that role filled.

Let me help you out here…

I’ve created a service that will drive qualified appointment requests from assets you have already paid for. My Rainmaker service helps you leverage your time, money and team to get your biggest results in 2020.

There is huge money waiting to be collected in the leads you’ve already paid for and I’ve created a service that drives appointments for you that are the easiest to sell… and the most profitable.

Watch this video and let’s chat to see what we can drive for you…

63k sold in 2 weeks

$63,000 Sold Over the PHONE in 2 Weeks

By Alan Michael | Sales Growth for Home Remodelers

I’ve got two clients that have CSR’s picking up deals every week over the phone. One of them has sold over $60k in just two weeks – and will easily do $100k this month. The other has sold and saved over $1 Million in around 9 months.

How did they do it?

Watch this video…

With a system and a script that are powerful enough to turn a $20/hour CSR into a high-performance sales machine. 

These sales are the easiest to make and the most profitable.

Let’s chat and we’ll see what we can drive for you…

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$173,562 in Additional Sales in 2 Weeks

By Alan Michael | Sales Growth for Home Remodelers

I had a client drive an additional $173,562 in just 2 weeks – right before Christmas!

And what’s crazy, is that they are an outdoor living company. One of the deals was $83,000 and had a 65% gross margin. All of this revenue was from leads that had been previously left dormant.

I’ve created a service that drives appointments for you that are the easiest to sell and the most profitable.

Watch this video…

Then let’s chat and we’ll see what we can drive for you:

The Two Easiest Types of Leads to Sell

By Alan Michael | Improve Sales Process , Sales Growth for Home Remodelers

Today I want to talk to you about the two easiest types of leads to sell to, which most companies either overlook or they’re too busy to do anything with. 

The first group is your existing customers. 

Existing customers are 10 to  14 times more likely to buy something from you again, after the first time. So there’s a massive opportunity here and most companies do very little, if anything at all, to be able to generate more revenue from the existing client base. And these existing clients often need additional work done on their home, whatever that may be. 

They’re also a great source of referrals and reviews, which ultimately brings you more credibility and more business for your company. 

The second group is demo, no sales. 

Your sales people go out, they demo the product, they give a pitch and at the end of the day, what happens is that there’s only a certain percentage of those that they even sell.

So there’s a massive opportunity to go find additional revenue, whether it be from your existing customers, from the demo, no sales, or even from leads that never booked an appointment with you… Ultimately bringing you additional revenues and a massive amount of profit to your bottom line, because you don’t have to pay for any more marketing to drive these. 

You’ve already spent the money: $200, $300, $400, maybe $600 per lead, to drive these leads, and now you can profit from and monetize them. 

I have a specific system that can help you drive more revenue and profit straight to the bottom line, being able to utilize these leads and not take up a whole bunch of your staff’s time… that will ultimately make you a lot more money, which will help you grow in the future, hire better people, put more profit into your bottom line, take more time off, whatever it is you choose to do. 

Let’s talk about how we can drive more revenue from everything that you’re doing. Watch this video then schedule a call here:

Your Untapped Profit Centers

By Alan Michael | Improve Sales Process , Sales Growth for Home Remodelers

Today I want to talk to you about profit centers in your business and I want to start by giving you some results of clients in mine:

$70,000 in additional sales in one week.

$153,000 in sales in three months.

$55,000 in saved cancellations in one week.

$252,000 in eight weeks, from leads that were three, six, nine, even 12 months old. 

$762,000 in seven months.

This is all money to the bottom line. No extra leads were paid for, no additional marketing expenses, we just drove more sales from the leads that had already been bid. 

Just recently, a client of mine hit just under $600,000 in just five months, from leads that were otherwise going to go by the wayside…just go straight into the trash. And that was also saving a whole series of cancellations. 

This money just drops to the bottom line, which helps you better hire the right people, pay more money to existing staff, retain people more easily, and helps your company sustain and stay profitable going forward in the future. It makes your marketing more efficient, reduces your overall marketing expenditure and again, drops profit directly to your bottom line, which could mean anything to you… 

What are you looking to buy? Do you want to buy a building or a new home? Do you want to travel more or have more time off? 

Add more profit to the bottom line, hire the right people, and enable yourself to be able to do all of this.

Let’s have a conversation. I’ll show you where the hidden money is in your company and how we can help you harvest that in a very short period of time. Most clients are making money in 7 to 14 days from everything that I’ve put into place, and then they’re making money continuously month after month. Again, all that profit goes to the bottom line. 

I look forward to talking to you and seeing how I can help you increase your revenues, increase your bottom line, and make life easier for you.

Are Your Sales People Burning Leads?

By Alan Michael | Sales Growth for Home Remodelers , Uncategorized

Have you ever wondered what happens with the leads that you give to your sales people? Do you believe there are more deals to be had? 

You’re spending $200, $300, maybe $400 or sometimes up to $600 on a lead, you give them to the salespeople and some of them disappear into a black hole. 

The good news is that I have a system – a specific structure for you to recapture the revenue from any of your existing leads. 

I’ve put this in place with companies where we’ve driven $197K in 26 days and $252K in the space of just 4 weeks. Take one company that already had a system in place and were driving $44K a month – my strategy took them to $215K a month and we learned what the sales people were missing in their presentation. Every time we learned something, we’d go back and retrain the sales team, and we’d get a better conversion on the front end… while at the same time, still picking up deals on the backend. 

Want this complete system in a step-by-step guide? Request it here and I will send the guide to you.

I look forward to helping you grow your business – exponentially.

Do You Ever Have a Problem with Cancellations?

By Alan Michael | Sales Growth for Home Remodelers

Are your salespeople are out there selling deals…only to have some of the deals cancel?

You may have a very small cancellation rate… you may have a big cancellation rate…

I’ve got this one client who has a fairly high cancellation rate, so we put this one strategy in place that literally drove about $55K in revenue – in saved revenue from cancellations – in just 1 week.

Now, not only is this strategy saving cancellations, it’s also helping them learn exactly what the salespeople need to say to stop the cancellation from happening in the first place – and it’s dramatically reduced the cancellations on the front end.

This is absolutely an amazing strategy when you put it in place. And I have the exact step-by-step strategy laid out for you. This strategy will also help you drive more sales from leads you’ve already paid for that haven’t yet purchased.

To get this exact strategy, go to

I look forward to helping you drive additional revenue, from either leads that have tried to cancel or that have never purchased from you in the first place. Click the button below. Download it, read it, implement it, make it happen.

 This strategy is driving millions of dollars for companies and it can do the same for you.

I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Get 10-20% More Revenue Without Paying for More Leads

By Alan Michael | Sales Growth for Home Remodelers

Check this out: I just helped a client drive $187K in additional revenue… in just 26 days.

Using the same strategy that I implemented for this client, another client drove $252K in less than 8 weeks.

I put this strategy in place every week for different clients. We’re driving hundreds of thousands of dollars… millions of dollars a year…

In fact, the two companies I’ve just told you about will probably drive $1 million each this year, just from this one strategy. And they’re driving it from leads they’ve already paid for. Leads they’ve already acquired that hadn’t purchased before.

Now I want to give you the exact step-by-step formula of what I did with these clients, to show you exactly how much money you can harvest from your business and how to do this without paying for another lead for your business.

All you need to do is go to

I look forward to helping you grow your revenues as much as I enjoyed helping these other companies grow their revenues.

Do you have hidden money in your business?

By Alan Michael | Sales Growth for Home Remodelers

Here’s what I know. Any business that I look into, there’s always money to be found in three specific places:

  1. First, there are leads that never turned into appointments that you can go back to and have a conversation, email, direct mail, etc… and turn those leads into appointments and make sales.
  2. The second place is your existing clients. Most companies just go right on to finding the next client and they don’t go back and make new offers to their existing client base. In fact, I met with a client yesterday and they own two divisions, two different divisions. One division does one product, one division does another product, and they’ve never cross pollinated between the two.

    They’ve got hundreds of customers and thousands of leads. And the opportunity there to offer what one division is doing to the leads from the other division, and vice versa, is huge. They’ve also never actually gone back out to their existing clients in either of these two divisions to offer them anything additional and there’s a massive opportunity there.

    By the way, anybody that’s ever bought from you one time is 10 to 14 times more likely to buy from you again. So there is an absolute gold mine of hidden money waiting in your existing client base.
  3. The third place is in leads that had an appointment and they were made an offer, but they never bought anything. That’s the third  place that you can find money very, very easily.

Watch this video:

And then book an appointment with me here:

Let’s find the potential in your business without you spending an extra dime on advertising or marketing.

I look forward to helping you grow your business exponentially!

Get More From Every Marketing Dollar

By Alan Michael | Sales Growth for Home Remodelers

I was having a conversation with a client of mine the other day and he said,

“I’m tired of spending all this money on marketing. I’m spending more and more money all the time, trying to drive more leads, trying to make more sales and everything else.”

For some reason, he was spending more and more, but his sales had hit a plateau.

Does this sound familiar?

I want to give you three things you can do when you don’t want to spend any more money on leads, but still get more revenue from everything you’re already spending. And let’s face it, you spend a lot of money on leads — it could be $200, $300, $400, even up to $600 per lead.

Watch the video below to learn the three things:

The first thing to look at is your sales conversion.

How can you increase your sales conversion?

I had a client who had a really low sales conversion of about 15%. I pointed out to them that if they increased to 20% conversion by optimizing their sales process, they’d put another million dollars in their business every single year.

And that’s exactly what we did.

So take a look at your sales conversion and see where you can adjust…

What areas can you retrain to get that incremental increase?

Increasing your sales conversion ultimately reduces the cost of your marketing and the overall percentage of your marketing comes to a much healthier bottom line for you. 

The second thing is to see how you’re distributing the leads to your sales people.

A lot of people look at conversion and say, “Oh yeah, you know, this guy’s got a conversion of 28% and this guy’s got a conversion of 32%, this guy’s got a conversion of 38%…”

But the best thing to look at is revenue per appointment. For every appointment you’d give a sales person, how much revenue do they bring you back, on the average? Instead of focusing on the number of appointments they’re closing, focus on the dollars that they’re closing.

If you give them 40 appointments over the course of a month, and they’re bringing in $2,000 an appointment, that’s $80,000 a month; $1 million a year.

Maybe someone else is bringing you back $1,200 per appointment. You want to be able to give more leads to the people that are bringing you the most revenue every time they run an appointment, because that’s where you’re going to get a higher return on investment. 

The third way to cut marketing costs is to review every single lead source.

Where are you spending marketing dollars? Look at what’s giving you the lowest return on investment and what’s giving you the highest return on investment. And then you just switch out some of the spend from the lowest sources to the highest sources.

Here’s a quick example:

I have one client that was running a whole series of different marketing tactcis, from telemarketing to radio and TV, to direct mail AND they were also running Valpak. And when we looked at Valpak, the return on investment was really, really low, but we didn’t just throw Valpak out…

We found out that he was buying the entire Orange County area in California and when we looked at it, we saw that most of his sales were coming from two specific zones within the county. We eliminated the 90% of the other zones so that he wasn’t wasting that money, and we took that money and redistributed it into other areas… and absolutely skyrocketed sales! It dropped a load of money to the bottom line because things became more profitable.

These are systems and structures that I can help you with. If you go to, you’ll be able to schedule a conversation with me and get on my calendar. We’ll look at different ways I can help you, help you get higher conversion, lower your marketing costs and make an impact to your bottom line.

Let’s schedule a conversation and see how I can help you.

I look forward to helping you grow your business exponentially!