Complete Rehash Program

How To Add 10-20% More Revenue
Without Paying For More Leads

Here's a reality check...

According to Replacement Contractor Magazine the average cost of a lead today is $242.53

Based on this average lead cost, if you send one salesperson out on 10 leads a week, it’s costing you more than $125,000 a year just to get them in the door. I can help you get this money back! 

On average only 30% of leads become a sale after the initial presentation, so what’s happening with the remaining 70% that didn’t buy? 

Statistics show that 60% of those people will buy within one year. 

The question is - are they buying from you? 

Take control of your leads and sales today.

How you handle your leads can be the difference between profit or loss, stress or peace, success or failure.

Here's how you can dramatically increase conversion...

I helped one company generate over $150,000 ADDITIONAL revenue, per month, without generating anymore leads, and helped many other companies add huge revenues and profits to their bottom line with this one simple strategy. 

In fact with just this one strategy… 

I was personally generating $500K to $750K additional revenue per year with this system… and that was over 15 years ago.

I developed this simple rehash system for myself, then I trained one guy how to do the calling and set appointments to get me back in the house. He worked for me for five years and we generated between $500,000 to $750,000 in additional business annually.

And here’s the crazy part - the deals we were picking up were mostly sold without discounts and sometimes the sales were larger than the original bid. I just covered what the salesperson had missed in the home.

Fast forward to a few years ago, I implemented this system into one company that already had a rehash program, but their overall revenues had been declining.

They went from $44K per month to over $200K per month in just 5 months… just in rehash revenue.

In the first month, revenues jumped and within 5 months their rehash revenues had exploded by 386% to over $214,000, in ADDITIONAL business - in just one month.

Another company had one rep booked up solid with appointments and brought in $70,000 in just the first week of starting this program. They continued to create additional revenue week in and week out, averaging over $50,000 per month in rehash business. 

Until now I’ve only shared this system with my private clients that have paid me tens of thousands of dollars to consult with them; but now, for the first time, I’m making this available as a standalone program.

Over 50% Conversion on "Dead" Leads

I did a simple direct mail campaign to a small list of select companies and this fast-growing company called me directly from that campaign. 

They are on track for $80 Million this year, they have an exceptionally high sales conversion but my letter nudged them into knowing there was more.

So we implemented my Rehash System, where we literally find sales in “dead” leads.

On the first day we started generating appointments and by day two they had their first sale, within 7 weeks they made 15 sales and over $232,000 from leads that had been “forgotten”.

They are converting over 50% of these rehashed appointments and this ONE strategy has the potential to drive them an additional $1.2 Million in the next 12 months, from just one of their offices.

$55,000 Saved Preventing Cancellations in the First Week -
Total Recaptured Revenue $224,000 in the First Month

Another client had been running a rehash program for about a month and had virtually zero results from it.

We got together implemented my proven system, scripting and strategy and within days they were making money.

In the first week they made $55,000 and in less than four weeks had sold over $224,000 in revenue that would have been lost.

One of the biggest results they are having is saving cancellations.

They saved over $78,000 within this four week period and also refined their presentation and have reduced their cancellations on the front end.

Given the ROI, this is one of THE best investments you can make this year

Implementing this ONE strategy,(and it’s very simple to implement by the way) can generate “found money” in as little as 7 days and continuously thereafter typically to the tune of 10% to 20% more revenue without paying for more leads.

UPDATE: This client has now recaptured over $1 Million in just under 7 months!


  • Generate more sales from your existing leads
  • Generate referrals and job site business 
  • Help retrain your salespeople by establishing which parts of the presentation they are missing in the home 
  • Increase lead conversion
  • Shorten your sales cycle 
  • Save cancellations
  • Add 10-20% more revenue

"Monthly Revenue Increased 386%..."

"Alan reduced our cost per appointment - increased our revenue per appointment - helped increased our close rate - and with his scripts, training and accountability, the monthly revenue in our Rehash Department grew by 386%."

Ross - Renewal By Andersen, L.A. & San Diego

What is the program worth to you?

If you are doing $1 Million annually, it could bring you an extra $100K to $200K.

Or, if you are doing $5 Million annually, it could bring you an extra $500K to $1M.

This can be the difference between profit or loss, success or failure -- plus, with this system, you can dominate your local area.

A simple-to-follow system that will generate almost instant additional revenue

I’ve put this rehash system into a turnkey, easy-to-follow, system to help you explode your revenue from the first month. It’s a complete system to capture maximum revenue per appointment and ensure that your sales people are performing at an optimal level when presenting.


  • Tested and Proven Rehash Telemarketing Scripts
  • Tested and Proven Rehash Sales Scripts
  • Tested and Proven Rehash Direct Mail Letters and Emails
  • Outline and Ad for hiring the right person for Rehash Telemarketing
  • Simple and Effective Tracking System to get the absolute most out of every lead
  • Train your Rehash telemarketer on the Proven Scripts and System to book Rehash Leads
  • Train your Sales Manager on the Proven Scripts and System to Sell the Rehash Appointments 

If you’re serious and committed to getting more sales from your sales team, increasing your conversions from your current leads, and getting an instant cash flow boost - simply click the button below, give us a few details and schedule a call with me.

As always, I look forward to helping you grow your business - exponentially.

Alan Michael McKenna

P.S. You can see results as quickly as one week from implementing this system, so let's connect and I’ll show you how you can increase your revenues – exponentially.

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