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Rainmaker - an automated service to accelerate revenue and profit by driving qualified appointments for you!

Let’s face it: You’ve paid (and continue to pay) a lot of money for your leads.

Are you confident that every lead is being followed up with to book an appointment - or are there leads slipping through the cracks?

Do you know that every appointment is being worked to the max - or do the salespeople have so many new leads that they get complacent sometimes?

Have you stayed connected with your existing client base and are consistently getting more business and more referrals - or do you just keep spending to buy new leads?

Do you find yourself spending more and more yet your profit has dropped, and now you’re working more hours just to stay even?

But here’s the challenge…

Your team is already stretched to the max with their time and can’t add anything else to their plate.

You train someone to do follow up and then they get pulled into something else and the system you set up falls by the wayside.

Or they leave and now you have to hire and train someone new.

All of this costs you massive lost opportunity with one of the most expensive things in your business - the hundreds of thousands, or even millions of dollars driving leads.

It takes time to hire a great team member... and then you’ve got a $3,000 to $5,000 per month expense, plus payroll taxes, etc.

Then they take time off and vacations... most likely when you need them the most.

I’ve created a solution - a service that automates your follow up, reduces costs, works without time off and helps you get better results.


Most home improvement companies are so busy driving new leads that they overlook the biggest opportunity for increased revenue and profit. 

There are three places to harvest hidden money from... 

  • Leads that never booked an appointment
  • Appointments that never sold
  • Existing customers that need more work on their home 

We help you monetize these leads with automated follow up by phone, email, and text to drive you qualified appointment requests.

You work the appointments and close the sales.  


Over years of helping companies optimize their sales I’ve found that there are underutilized assets, that when tapped into drive great revenue and a lot of profit. My past clients have added over $30,000,000 in additional revenue and in the next 12 months my clients will add approximately $10,000,000 more.

Consider this…

(and I’ll use round numbers so you can easily scale up or down for your business)

If you have approximately 1,000 unsold leads every year...

...and they cost $250 to $350 per lead - that’s $250,000 to $350,000 in costs for the year just on those leads.

60% of those leads will buy from someone in the next 12 months.

Your average sale is around $10,000.

What if you got just 5% of those leads to buy from YOU?

That’s 50 sales at $10k each -- $500,000 in additional revenue.

If you sold just 10% that’s $1,000,000 in additional revenue!

And a lot of your overhead was already paid for by your regular revenue so these sales are highly profitable. 

The question is, would you exchange $10 for $300? 

Of course you would.  

It actually costs you MORE money not to do this... and you’re giving up business to your competition too--ouch that hurts. :-( 


$173,562 in additional sales in 2 weeks!

"We launched with Rainmaker in December and were impressed with the early results…

We’re an outdoor living company; selling decks, patios and outdoor entertainment areas to homeowners. Most people aren’t even thinking about this type of work until Spring.

In just 2 weeks (right before Christmas), Rainmaker had driven us appointments that we converted into $173,562 of additional revenue and one of the deals was $83,000 with a 65% gross margin.

All this revenue was from leads that had been previously left dormant. This has been an amazing ROI for us."

$44K per month to over $200K per month in just 5 months

I worked with two Renewal By Andersen dealers.

The first company already had a rehash program and we took them from $44K per month to over $200K per month in just 5 months… just in rehash revenue alone.

In the first month, revenues jumped and within 5 months their rehash revenues had exploded by 386% to over $214,000, in ADDITIONAL business in that fifth month.

$70,000 in just the first week

With the second (smaller volume) Renewal by Andersen dealer, we had one rep booked up solid with appointments and brought in $70,000 in just the first week of starting our rehash program. They continued to create additional revenue week in and week out, averaging over $50,000 per month in rehash revenue.

50% Conversion on "Dead" Leads

I worked with an $80 Million company that had an exceptionally high sales conversion, but they knew there was more sales to have.

So we implemented my Rehash System into just one of their offices and started to literally generate sales from “dead” leads.

On the first day we started generating appointments and by day two they had their first sale, within 8 weeks they made 16 sales and over $252,000 from leads that had been “forgotten”.

They are converting over 50% of these appointments and this ONE strategy has the potential to drive them over $1.2 million in the next 12 months, from just one of their offices*.

$55,000 Saving Cancelled Sales in the First Week -
Total Recaptured Revenue $224,000 in the First Month

Another client had been running a rehash program for about a month and had virtually zero results from it.

We got together and implemented my proven system, scripting ,and strategy and within days they were making money.

In the first week they made $55,000, and in less than four weeks had sold over $224,000 in revenue that would have been lost.

One of the biggest results they are having is saving cancellations.

They saved over $74,000 within this four week period, and they also refined their presentation which reduced their cancellations on the front end.

UPDATE: This client has now recaptured over $1 Million in just under 7 months!

Our Clients Include...

If you’re serious and committed to automating follow up to get sales from leads you've already paid for - simply click the button below, give us a few details and schedule a call with me.

As always, I look forward to helping you grow your business - exponentially.

Alan Michael McKenna