About Ultimate Rainmaker

For over 15 years we've worked with the best companies in the home improvement industry, to exponentially grow Leads, Appointments, Sales and Profits in three specific ways:


Implement the most effective rehash system in the industry to add 10-20% more revenue without paying for more leads.


Utilize an automated service to drive more qualified appointments, do sales follow up, and generate more inquires from existing clients.


Drive more leads from every marketing dollar spent and more sales from every appointment worked, all adding up to more profit.

About Alan Michael McKenna

I spent 20 years in the home-improvement industry primarily Windows, Siding and English Conservatories. I managed the marketing nationally for a $60 Million U.K. Company.

I was offered a transfer to the U.S. where I ran the marketing for a home improvement company in New Jersey, including running their rehash, where I personally sold between $500,000 and $750,000 per year in just rehash business alone. I then helped market and launch the unique English Conservatory to the U.S., developing 3 major sales territories – Long Island, New York (5 Boroughs), and parts of Pennsylvania; helping grow that business from Zero to $20 Million annually.

I went back on the field selling and became the #1 sales person in my second year, personally sold $9.8 million of conservatories in five years. I then trained my unique selling system in the company’s Maryland office accelerating the annual revenues of this office by almost 60% in just eight weeks.

I moved to California and established my own sales and marketing consulting company; helping build companies’ revenues, simultaneously spending zero extra on marketing, or slashing their marketing expenditure and adding huge additional profits to their bottom line.

I have helped my clients create 6 and 7-figure sales increases and have driven more than $30,000,000 in additional revenues for them.

I can help you drive more revenue in your business, too...