Profit Accelerator

Dear Remodeler,

You’re in business to serve people at the highest level - and to make a profit.

The more revenue you generate and the less marketing dollars that you spend contributes to your profit.

Without profit your business is painful and not sustainable.

You may be suffering with...

  • Disgruntled employees that end up doing less-than-acceptable work or leaving when you need them most
  • Not being able to hire better people to get the job done more effectively and efficiently
  • Insufficient money to spend on marketing to drive more top line revenue
  • Insufficient money to spend on training to get more sales, better employee performance or better installations
  • More stress for you, and likely coupled with longer work hours

You're not maximizing your profit... and your business and your personal life are suffering from it.

More profit allows you more opportunities, such as:

  • Hiring better people to get better results and help take the pressure off of you
  • Plentiful lead generation allowing you to attract the best salespeople
  • Cash to expand into new products or new markets
  • Money to train your employees to help them perform more effectively and efficiently and be happier
  • ...all adding up to an easier, less stressful, happier, wealthier you

As with most home-improvement businesses, you probably have two primary focuses...

1) Keeping the schedule filled with new appointments.

2) Selling as much as possible to keep your crews busy and cash flowing.

After these two things, you may look at profit.

There are very specific ways that we help you optimize everything you’re doing while increasing profits automatically:


  • Automatically get more leads from every marketing dollar you spend in every lead source.
  • Turn more of those leads into qualified appointments and pre-sell them before your salesperson even meets them.


  • Tested and proven presentation skills to convert more of those appointments into quality sales.
  • The payment presentation that’s only used by the very best in the industry, boosts close rate, increases average order value and crushes your competition.
  • Systematic ways to dramatically reduce cancellations.


  • Create more satisfied customers that give you great reviews, buy more from you, and refer others.

More incremental growth adds up to exponential growth,
which in turn creates exponential profit.

If you’re serious and committed to getting more sales from your sales team, increasing your conversions from your current leads, and getting an instant cash flow boost - simply click the button below, give us a few details and schedule a call with me.

As always, I look forward to helping you grow your business - exponentially.

Alan Michael McKenna

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