marketing team member

One of Your Marketing Team Members

There is probably one (or more) of your marketing team members that you are questioning whether you should keep them or not. It’s causing you stress to keep them, but the thought of letting them go is even more stressful because you know you need that role filled. Let me help you out here… I’ve

63k sold in 2 weeks

$63,000 Sold Over the PHONE in 2 Weeks

I’ve got two clients that have CSR’s picking up deals every week over the phone. One of them has sold over $60k in just two weeks – and will easily do $100k this month. The other has sold and saved over $1 Million in around 9 months. How did they do it? Watch this video…

additional sales

$173,562 in Additional Sales in 2 Weeks

I had a client drive an additional $173,562 in just 2 weeks – right before Christmas! And what’s crazy, is that they are an outdoor living company. One of the deals was $83,000 and had a 65% gross margin. All of this revenue was from leads that had been previously left dormant. I’ve created a


The Two Easiest Types of Leads to Sell

Today I want to talk to you about the two easiest types of leads to sell to, which most companies either overlook or they’re too busy to do anything with.  The first group is your existing customers.  Existing customers are 10 to  14 times more likely to buy something from you again, after the first


Your Untapped Profit Centers

Today I want to talk to you about profit centers in your business and I want to start by giving you some results of clients in mine: $70,000 in additional sales in one week. $153,000 in sales in three months. $55,000 in saved cancellations in one week. $252,000 in eight weeks, from leads that were


Are Your Sales People Burning Leads?

Have you ever wondered what happens with the leads that you give to your sales people? Do you believe there are more deals to be had?  You’re spending $200, $300, maybe $400 or sometimes up to $600 on a lead, you give them to the salespeople and some of them disappear into a black hole.