Do You Ever Have a Problem with Cancellations?

By Alan Michael | Sales Growth for Home Remodelers

Are your salespeople are out there selling deals…only to have some of the deals cancel?

You may have a very small cancellation rate… you may have a big cancellation rate…

I’ve got this one client who has a fairly high cancellation rate, so we put this one strategy in place that literally drove about $55K in revenue – in saved revenue from cancellations – in just 1 week.

Now, not only is this strategy saving cancellations, it’s also helping them learn exactly what the salespeople need to say to stop the cancellation from happening in the first place – and it’s dramatically reduced the cancellations on the front end.

This is absolutely an amazing strategy when you put it in place. And I have the exact step-by-step strategy laid out for you. This strategy will also help you drive more sales from leads you’ve already paid for that haven’t yet purchased.

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I look forward to helping you drive additional revenue, from either leads that have tried to cancel or that have never purchased from you in the first place. Click the button below. Download it, read it, implement it, make it happen.

 This strategy is driving millions of dollars for companies and it can do the same for you.

I look forward to speaking with you soon.