Do you have hidden money in your business?

By Alan Michael | Sales Growth for Home Remodelers

Here’s what I know. Any business that I look into, there’s always money to be found in three specific places:

  1. First, there are leads that never turned into appointments that you can go back to and have a conversation, email, direct mail, etc… and turn those leads into appointments and make sales.
  2. The second place is your existing clients. Most companies just go right on to finding the next client and they don’t go back and make new offers to their existing client base. In fact, I met with a client yesterday and they own two divisions, two different divisions. One division does one product, one division does another product, and they’ve never cross pollinated between the two.

    They’ve got hundreds of customers and thousands of leads. And the opportunity there to offer what one division is doing to the leads from the other division, and vice versa, is huge. They’ve also never actually gone back out to their existing clients in either of these two divisions to offer them anything additional and there’s a massive opportunity there.

    By the way, anybody that’s ever bought from you one time is 10 to 14 times more likely to buy from you again. So there is an absolute gold mine of hidden money waiting in your existing client base.
  3. The third place is in leads that had an appointment and they were made an offer, but they never bought anything. That’s the third  place that you can find money very, very easily.

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