Get More From Every Marketing Dollar

By Alan Michael | Sales Growth for Home Remodelers

I was having a conversation with a client of mine the other day and he said,

“I’m tired of spending all this money on marketing. I’m spending more and more money all the time, trying to drive more leads, trying to make more sales and everything else.”

For some reason, he was spending more and more, but his sales had hit a plateau.

Does this sound familiar?

I want to give you three things you can do when you don’t want to spend any more money on leads, but still get more revenue from everything you’re already spending. And let’s face it, you spend a lot of money on leads — it could be $200, $300, $400, even up to $600 per lead.

Watch the video below to learn the three things:

The first thing to look at is your sales conversion.

How can you increase your sales conversion?

I had a client who had a really low sales conversion of about 15%. I pointed out to them that if they increased to 20% conversion by optimizing their sales process, they’d put another million dollars in their business every single year.

And that’s exactly what we did.

So take a look at your sales conversion and see where you can adjust…

What areas can you retrain to get that incremental increase?

Increasing your sales conversion ultimately reduces the cost of your marketing and the overall percentage of your marketing comes to a much healthier bottom line for you. 

The second thing is to see how you’re distributing the leads to your sales people.

A lot of people look at conversion and say, “Oh yeah, you know, this guy’s got a conversion of 28% and this guy’s got a conversion of 32%, this guy’s got a conversion of 38%…”

But the best thing to look at is revenue per appointment. For every appointment you’d give a sales person, how much revenue do they bring you back, on the average? Instead of focusing on the number of appointments they’re closing, focus on the dollars that they’re closing.

If you give them 40 appointments over the course of a month, and they’re bringing in $2,000 an appointment, that’s $80,000 a month; $1 million a year.

Maybe someone else is bringing you back $1,200 per appointment. You want to be able to give more leads to the people that are bringing you the most revenue every time they run an appointment, because that’s where you’re going to get a higher return on investment. 

The third way to cut marketing costs is to review every single lead source.

Where are you spending marketing dollars? Look at what’s giving you the lowest return on investment and what’s giving you the highest return on investment. And then you just switch out some of the spend from the lowest sources to the highest sources.

Here’s a quick example:

I have one client that was running a whole series of different marketing tactcis, from telemarketing to radio and TV, to direct mail AND they were also running Valpak. And when we looked at Valpak, the return on investment was really, really low, but we didn’t just throw Valpak out…

We found out that he was buying the entire Orange County area in California and when we looked at it, we saw that most of his sales were coming from two specific zones within the county. We eliminated the 90% of the other zones so that he wasn’t wasting that money, and we took that money and redistributed it into other areas… and absolutely skyrocketed sales! It dropped a load of money to the bottom line because things became more profitable.

These are systems and structures that I can help you with. If you go to, you’ll be able to schedule a conversation with me and get on my calendar. We’ll look at different ways I can help you, help you get higher conversion, lower your marketing costs and make an impact to your bottom line.

Let’s schedule a conversation and see how I can help you.

I look forward to helping you grow your business exponentially!