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Are Your Sales People Burning Leads?

By Alan Michael | Sales Growth for Home Remodelers , Uncategorized

Have you ever wondered what happens with the leads that you give to your sales people? Do you believe there are more deals to be had? 

You’re spending $200, $300, maybe $400 or sometimes up to $600 on a lead, you give them to the salespeople and some of them disappear into a black hole. 

The good news is that I have a system – a specific structure for you to recapture the revenue from any of your existing leads. 

I’ve put this in place with companies where we’ve driven $197K in 26 days and $252K in the space of just 4 weeks. Take one company that already had a system in place and were driving $44K a month – my strategy took them to $215K a month and we learned what the sales people were missing in their presentation. Every time we learned something, we’d go back and retrain the sales team, and we’d get a better conversion on the front end… while at the same time, still picking up deals on the backend. 

Want this complete system in a step-by-step guide? Request it here and I will send the guide to you.

I look forward to helping you grow your business – exponentially.